Shaun Collins aka Ajax27

I have been building Websites and Applications using the latest technologies for the last 3 years and have now just started to Freelance.

I live in Slough, Berkshire in the UK which is a great place to start a business.

I left Easthampstead Park Comprehensive School at 16 to join the Junior Leaders Regiment Royal Engineers at Dover Barracks. After Passing Out I was deployed overseas and had great fun meeting different people and experiencing their cultures on just about every continent on earth.

After leaving the British Army I continued in the security business working for many different governments and agencies. After being injured I decided on making a career change, and so I bought my first laptop. I noticed that there was a demand for programmers so I decided to teach myself to code.

My other interests are Rugby Union, chess and rock climbing. I love packing a rucksack and getting back to nature, I find nothing else comes close for clearing your mind. Feel free to check out my website at https://ajax27.com